Friday, July 15, 2011

Pink Hummus

All these hours working at the Pub...and so much of the food is hot, who would want to eat it in this weather?  I'm trying to do a special on Thursdays, something cold, refreshing, and delicious.  It would be much more fun if more people knew I was doing a special and actually came in and ordered it...but oh well.  2 weeks ago I did a pesto pasta salad, and ended up throwing half of it out a week later because it was going bad. 

This week, I decided to do hummus.  Beet hummus. 

Start with a pot.  Open a can of beets, and put about half the beets in the pot.  Dump the entire contents of 2 cans of chick peas into the pot (juice and all).  Heat on stove until simmering.  (Just like the directions on the chick pea can say)  Strain the chick peas and beets, dump them in a food processor.  You can save the juice if you want, in case you decided your hummus is too dry.  (I have used the juice before, this time I did not). Add some olive oil to the food processor, process it up.  Add a good squirt of Zatarains Creole Mustard, a couple shakes of mustard powder, a couple spoonfuls of garlic, and a shake of onion powder. Process it up some more...until really smooth.  Chill and serve.

For those of you in town...this special will be available today.  And tomorrow, if it doesn't all sell today...

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