Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purist Burger

Unusual for me.  I made a burger that was just. beef. I normally make my burgers exactly like I make my meatballs and meatloaf; with egg, breadcrumbs, herbs, and whatever else I feel like throwing in.  This time, I just took a hunk of beef out of the package, molded it into a burger-shape, and threw it in a skillet.  Of course, this was less because I wanted to be a purist, and more because it was faster and easier...I was hungry.  And I didn't want to make a whole pound of hamburgers, I just wanted one.

I served myself the hamburger on a bed of warm coleslaw, with some tomato and avocado.  Yes I played with my food and made it look pretty before I ate it. The plate is my canvas, food is my paint.  Or something like that. 

The coleslaw was about 1/2 of a small cabbage, and 1 medium carrot chopped up and cooked in a little bit of olive oil.  I tossed it with a bit of ranch dressing after removing it from the heat.  It was tasty.  

As for the lack of a hamburger bun...I'm on this kick where I'm trying to eat more protein and less carbs.  (or less carbs from bread and pasta, anyway) Carbs are necessary for energy...but not in the quantities that I normally consume.  I still eat a carb-loaded pancake for breakfast most days, and often a sandwich for lunch, but I'm finding that once I got used to the occasional bread/pasta-less meal, it's not so bad.  I can actually satisfy my hunger at dinner without eating pasta.  Who knew?  

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