Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mojitos in Jars

Mojitos are the perfect summery drink.  They are light, refreshing, and delicious.  This year, I have my own mint plant on the kitchen windowsill, and I love being able to just pull a few leaves off to whip up a quick mojito on a hot day.  This evening, I wanted to make mojitos for a bunch of people, but I didn't have a pitcher that was easily transportable.  I did however, have 11 jam jars that I had saved from the jam I put on my pancakes.  So I decided to make individual mojitos.  They were definitely a hit!

Step 1  
Put a scant 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar in each jar.

Step 2  
Chop up a lime and squeeze one slice into each jar. 
(and drop the slice into the jar after you squeeze the juice out of it)
I also poured about a tbsp of lime juice into each jar, but you could use extra fresh lime if you wish.

Step 3  
Add a few mint leaves.

Step 4  
Muddle the contents of the jar.  Use a pestle to bruise the mint leaves, crush the stems, and stir up the sugar/lime juice to dissolve as much of the sugar as possible. 

Step 5
Add 1 shot of vodka or rum to each jar.

Step 6
Add 2-3 shots of club soda.

We didn't have any ice tonight, but ideally you want to add some ice to keep the drink chilled while you sip it.  Either way, it's quite refreshing.  I love mint.

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