Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tomato Mac N Cheese

Today is definitely a two-post kind of day. 

I don't drink milk, so I only buy it when there's something I want to put it in, like mac n cheese or potato soup.  However, even when I buy a really small bottle, most of it always seems to end up going bad.  So I'm always looking for substitutes.  I use juice in my pancakes, ranch dressing in my mashed potatos.  Tonight, I really wanted to make mac n cheese, but I didn't have milk and didn't want to bother with buying some just for my dinner.  So, I decided to try using tomato soup.  I always have a stash of campbells soup-to-go tomato soups on the shelf. 

The end result is delicious.  Maybe I'll stick to this recipe from now on and not need to buy milk anymore... (I really only started buying it when I started making mac n cheese)

For tonight's dinner, I also made meatballs and a mix of steamed veggies.  The meatballs were about the same as the ones I usually make (maybe I'll divulge my secret ingredients some other time...) but today I also added 2 tbsp flax seed, for extra healthy-ness.  Veggie mix was cabbage, radishes, and parsnips.

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  1. Milkless Mac 'n Cheese! Who would have thought? I must give it a try. How about using chicken or even mushroom soup? Oooohw.